The eternal power of beauty

At LANCIOR, each range is illustrated by a woman who marked history with her beauty. History seems to have passed on to us that the secret of the eternal beauty of Cleopatra, the most famous Queen of Egypt, was donkey’s milk. Didn’t the freshness of the goddess Venus, representative of Love and Beauty, reside in the radiant powers of the apple? What if Scheherazade had regenerated her skin thanks to the moisturizing powers of the prickly pear to keep a fresh complexion in all circumstances despite her insomnia? Did the beautiful and powerful Helen of Troy, Queen of Sparta, keep her splendor intact for so long thanks to the revitalizing properties of grapes? And did Calypso, nymph of the sea, hold her absolute beauty from the purifying virtues of marine resources?

Nothing is more precious than a woman's skin

Because a woman’s skin is her most precious asset, LANCIOR has developed a line of care products rich in natural active ingredients with powerful active properties from Swiss nature, an extraordinary source of purity.

By combining the age-old benefits of botanical and marine active ingredients that have always been used by the most beautiful women in history for their incomparable properties, with modern extraction and enhancement methods, LANCIOR can now offer women a unique treasure. : the promise of a face that is even more radiant with light and an absolute radiance of its beauty.

Born in the country of
luxury and nature

A real land of prestige, Switzerland is known worldwide for its unspoiled nature, its excellence and its precision.

It is more precisely in the heart of Valais, known for its preserved fauna and flora, its mountains, its glacier water and its pure air, that LANCIOR develops and produces this range with a unique promise. LANCIOR takes you on the trails of Swiss beauty with ultra-innovative know-how for an exceptional sensory and well-being experience.

Unique products that adapt to all

Lancior offers a wide range of cosmetics based on high-performance active ingredients with properties that reveal a woman’s natural beauty.

The Sheherazade range focused on deep hydration offers the Hydra 24h Imperial serum. This thousand and one night formula moisturizes your skin thanks to AquaCacteen™, an active ingredient derived from Prickly Pear (Opuntia ficus-indica) which shows exceptional moisturizing properties thanks to its high content of hydro-fixing elements. It moisturizes the skin even in leave-on formulas, it calms and soothes irritated skin.

The Light Scrub from the Venus Range illuminates your skin thanks to the properties of a variety of Swiss apple that has become very rare today. This apple, the Uttwiler Spätlauber, known for its long shelf life, was gradually disappearing in the face of sweeter-tasting apples.

Innovative Swiss technology has made it possible to extract stem cells from this apple, which has made it usable in the field of cosmetics. This active ingredient considerably improves the appearance of the skin and makes it fresher for a radiant face.

The Energizing Eye Gel from the Helene Line restores radiance and vitality to tired, dull eyes.

The grape grows in vines present mainly around the Mediterranean where Helen of Troy lived in antiquity.

It is these properties extracted from grape stem cells that Swiss laboratories have used to guarantee the radiance and protection of the sensitive skin around the eyes, which appears fresher and invigorated.

The Calypso Line purifies and protects the skin from the external nuisances it may face. The Radiance of Purity Detox Night Cream, rich in marine active ingredients, strengthens the skin barrier and protects the skin from climatic aggressions.

Collagen is naturally present in our body but its quantity decreases from the age of 40. Derived from fish scales, marine collagen, present in the Night Cream of the Calypso range, acts on the density and hydration of the skin by forming a protective film.

Inspired by the rituals of the Queen of Egypt Cleopatra, the Timeless Face Lift Serum uses the benefits of royal jelly and milk protein, reminding us of the Queen’s baths in donkey’s milk. Milk protein plumps and firms skin while smoothing the appearance of dry lines and wrinkles.

The regenerating and nourishing royal jelly prolongs the youthfulness of the skin. This serum with natural active ingredients by its stimulating action aims to reduce the visible signs of aging.

Treasures of active ingredients to enrich your beauty

The unique alchemy that LANCIOR offers women today is the culmination of an absolute requirement. Cosmetics is an ancestral art that has existed for millennia where we already discovered the secrets that nature contains and that sublimate our skin. Having endured from Antiquity to the present day by evolving and always providing more answers to adapt to the needs of the time, cosmetics makes it possible to magnify beauty and improve the comfort of women.

More than a return to basics, LANCIOR looks to the future by relying on precious natural active ingredients rigorously selected for their hyper-concentration in active ingredients and their purity.

Exceptional products
for exceptional results

Each LANCIOR treatment has benefited from the most avant-garde research in terms of natural ingredients and biotechnology based on revolutionary technologies such as phyto cellular cosmetics. It is this synergy between the science of the past and innovations looking to the future that has made possible the development of our ultra-efficient treatments.